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Pre-Normative Research Needs to Achieve Improved Design Guidelines for Seismic Protection

Principal Author: Pinto Vieira A
Co-authors :Taucer F, Dimova S
Reference :EUR 22858 EN. Luxembourg (Luxembourg): OPOCE; 2007.

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The document provides description of the pre-normative research needs to achieve improved design guidelines for seismic protection, research priorities and possible strategies for financing the research needs identified. The EU policy context is defined in the view of the Commission Recommendation to Member States on the implementation and use of the EN Eurocodes concerning the research needs to facilitate the integration into the Eurocodes of the latest developments in scientific and technological knowledge. The background activities which headed the preparation of the document, such as the organization and participation in relevant European workshops and projects, as well as consultations with experts in the field of Earthquake Engineering, are summarized. Two background documents which have been prepared as a consequence of these activities are summarized and analyzed. The research priorities are presented in terms of the necessary time span, effort and priority of to include the results of the research into the EN Eurocodes. Possible strategies for financing the identified research needs are discussed centering on the European Institutions, as these are the most concerned in benefiting from a research that needs to be undertaken at a European level, bringing together as far as possible the collaboration and participation of all Member States, and Industry.