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Design Study of a European Facility for Advanced Seismic Testing

Scientific Publications

E-FAST Project 2008-2010: Collaborative Design Study of a Major European Dynamic Testing Facility

Principal Author: Molina Ruiz F
Co-authors :Dorka U, Atanasiu G, Cahen J, Pavese A
Reference :Oral presentation in: The 2nd International Conference on Advances in Experimental Structural Engineering; 04 December 2007; Shangai (China); Tongji University (Organiser). 2007.


The progress on Earthquake Resistant Design in developed countries may have allowed in many cases for a reduction of the risk for casualties but not yet for the risk in economic losses. This is particularly true in Europe, where traditionally the seismic risk has not been given the required relevance. In order to help Europe to fulfill this need, a major dynamic testing facility should be constructed that would allow for more effective research with large scale specimens and more realistic loading conditions. Such testing facility would also place Europe in a more concurrent position with respect to the large shaking-table and similar facilities existing in other continents. Project E-FAST involves five research organizations in Europe and, with a budget of three million Euros, will work for three years in the development of the design study for such facility. The facility should include multiple shaking tables and reaction structures that can be coupled. It will have special capabilities for fast pseudo-dynamic or hybrid testing with substructuring and distributing with other laboratories around the world. The facility should include state-of-the-art hardware and software in this filed and allow for future developments. The project foresees the celebration of an international workshop in the first half of 2008 in order to congregate experts from the whole scientific community in the field in order to help to define the possible solutions and characteristics for such design.