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Modal Analysis of Small & Medium Structures by Fast Impact Hammer Testing Method

Author: Daniel Tirelli
Reference :Luxembourg (Luxembourg): Publications Office of the European Union; 2011

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In the context of the SERIES project (Task 2.3: “software development for data processing”) concerning the availability of simple tools and techniques for real-time data analysis and interpretation, the present report discusses the use of the Fast Impact Hammer Testing method (FIHT) with the purpose of providing to the partners of SERIES the opportunity to use the FIHT method on the structures of the project, and at the same time to improve the method for the dynamic characterisation of structures. The method is illustrated using a practical example of a novel type of structure tested at ELSA, named PROMETEO, composed of a concrete and fibre glass deck supported by a carbon fibre beam 13 meters long. The results obtained with the FIHT method was compared with the results obtained by others existing methods and on other types of structures, confirming the validity of the new methodology employed. The ease of use, and the reduced test and processing time, are the main advantages and improvements with respect to traditional and formal methods used in civil engineering.