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Performance of Innovative Mechanical Connections in Precast Buildings Structures under Seismic Conditions

Scientific Publications

SAFECAST Project: Definition and Analysis of the Three-Storey Precast Building

Principal Author: Olgiati M
Co-authors :Negro P, Colombo A
Reference :In Conference Proceedings: Macedonian Association of Earthquake Engineering, editor. Proceedings of the 14th European Conference on Earthquake Engineering. Ohrid (Republic of Macedonia): Macedonian Association of Earthquake Engineering; 2010


In this paper the activity carried out at the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission (JRC) during the first year of the SAFECAST project is described. After a description of the initial study, focused on the design procedures for precast structures and on the typologies of connections, the results of the predictive analysis performed with simplified models of the three-storey structure that will be tested in ELSA Laboratory are presented. The main results of the analysis are presented in terms of expected ductility demands and a check of the compatibility of the expected response of the structure with the scope of the test programme and with the capabilities of the equipment of the laboratory is performed. In particular, this last check put into evidence some peculiarities of the seismic response which finally will correspond to a modification in the size of the specimen.