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Innovative Technologies for Safer and more Secure Land Mass-Transport Infrastructure under Terrorist Attacks

Scientific Publications

RAILPROTECT Project - Final executive summary report

Principal Author: Solomos, G
Co-authors :Casadei F, Larcher M, Giannopoulos G, Geradin M
Reference :Ispra (Italy): European Commission; 2009


The objectives and activities of the project RailProtect are described. The scope of this project has been to contribute to alleviating the vulnerability of Europe's passenger transport infrastructures to terrorist bomb attacks. This has been attempted through the development of numerical simulation tools suitable for the assessment of the physical vulnerabilities of rail infrastructures and rolling stocks to explosion loads. Case studies of real stations have been conducted, which include a railway station space and an underground metro station with its rolling stock. The associated risk of human injuries is also properly calculated. Guidelines for carrying out such vulnerability analyses are indicated and some conclusions towards a better protection of land mass-transport infrastructures are drawn.