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Design Study of a European Facility for Advanced Seismic Testing

Scientific Publications

Preliminary Report to ESFRI Roadmap for the new Research Infrastructure EFAST

Principal Author: Marazzi F
Co-authors :Molina Ruiz F
Reference :EUR 24007 EN. Luxembourg (Luxembourg): Publications Office of the European Union; 2009

Download full text (624 kB, (PDF Document))


The present report provides information useful for the preparation of the application of the new Research Infrastructure EFAST to the ESFRI roadmap. A brief introduction about the EFAST project and the ESFRI open the document. Two sections follow: the first one is devoted to identify the main need in Earthquake Engineering, the second one deals with the current and future testing technologies all around the world. The proposed concept of the EFAST testing facility is then described and the main strategic values are illustrated. Economic aspects about its realisation and the positive fall down on European economy are also discussed. A section dedicated to the impact of EFAST on the scientific community and, more generally, on the whole society conclude the report.