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Design Study of a European Facility for Advanced Seismic Testing

Scientific Publications

1st EFAST Workshop Challenges, Needs and Open Questions

Principal Author: Marazzi F
Co-authors :Molina Ruiz F
Reference :EUR 23822 EN. Luxembourg (Luxembourg): OPOCE; 2009

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During the 2nd and the 3rd of March, some of the main experts in earthquake engineering, seismic protection and testing methods from all around the world were invited to attend the 1st EFAST Workshop hosted at JRC in Ispra. EFAST (Design Study of a European Facility for Advanced Seismic Testing) is a joint project financed by the European Commission that foresees the study of all the aspects regarding the design of a major testing facility in Europe that would complement and collaborate with the existing ones. This study aims at identifying the current and future needs in the field, and proposes the concept of a facility using the best available testing technologies. During the Workshop the experts made presentations regarding the needs, the technologies, the design and the operation of seismic testing infrastructures. Round tables on these topics were held in order to stimulate open debate. The recommended solutions and required performances served as input for the development of the design of the new research infrastructure. This report describes into detail what was said during the Workshop. A summary for each presentation with the main questions and answers is given. The detailed discussion held during the final round tables is also reported. The obtained conclusions close the document.