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Innovative Technologies for Safer and more Secure Land Mass-Transport Infrastructure under Terrorist Attacks

Scientific Publications

Simulations of a Metro Carriage Exposed to an Internal Detonation

Author: Larcher M
Reference :Ispra (Italy): European Commission - Joint Research Centre; 2009

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This technical note presents investigations about detonations inside trains. A sandwich structure and a frame structure are used for the construction of the train. Both are loaded using pressure-time functions. Special simplified treatments are developed for the sandwich material and for the laminated glass. Some effects of air blast waves like shadowing and especially channelling can only be considered using fluid-structure interaction. Therefore the train is also calculated using the FLSR procedure, which allows a fluid-structure interaction without using the same nodes for the fluid and the structure. These calculations can also determine the risk of death and the risk of eardrum rupture. The influence of internal structures on the risk inside the train is investigated. Interestingly, calculations show that a simple laminated glass sheet can reduce the risk in large parts of the train.